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Visit the New Software Pick of the Week site. We've migrated our new picks to our WordPress site. Each week our editors Chris Spera and Howard Sobel select their favorite software picks. If you are a software publisher please contact us at More info .

Life is full of little annoyances and every opportunity to take one off the list frees up more time and it maybe it will eliminate 1 mm Hg off the blood pressure scale. One major annoyance to me is recorded Robocalls. You know the kind. Is your site listed on the first page of Google? Hi, this is John from Microsoft. Did you know your computer was infected with Ebola? Read more from my blog. Howard Sobel More Info.

  Did You Know You Can Easily Create Multiple Virtual Desktop Views In Windows 10?
There is a useful new feature in Windows 10 that is so easy to miss. It’s the ability to create multiple virtual custom desktops with a unique set of apps running in each one. And it’s insanely easy to do. If you have two or more screens you can even have more “virtual desktops”. Creating a virtual desktop allows you to create uncluttered screens with just the applications running you need. Great for special projects. Here’s how to do it: Howard Sobel, Editor More Info.

 Windows10 Arrives with Some Glitches
Windows 10 is now available. Although most computers will install just fine a small percentage are having a problem with Windows 10 not completing it's install and continuing to try to update. I ran into this myself. Finally, I was able to restore my machine to Windows 8.1 with a problem. Others a reporting similar problems on a small subset of machines. Fortunately, in many cases you can roll back by restoring until this problem is fleshed out. More Info.

 Windows Automatic Repair Endless Loop Problem

My very trustworthy ASUS notebook running Windows 8.1 threw a fit today. Windows has a built-in Automatic Repair tool that diagnoses and helps you repair problems that prevent you from booting up normally. However, it sometimes goes into an endless loop which can ultimately mean a hard disk issue and installation as "Windows 8 Refresh" doesn't always work with this problem. Hope this is fixed in Windows 10 which is coming out next week! More info

 Still using Windows XP or Office 2000 Get Legacy Support Here!
Microsoft stopped most support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014 however, you can always find FREE support for Windows legacy operating systems in our Computing Support Forums or go directly to our Legacy Office Support Section
 How to Fix Windows Mail refusing to load because it is missing WLDCore.dll
I recently received an update message from Windows messenger that told me a new update was available which of course was Skype. I already use Skype but I installed it again. The same day I also switched from Windows Security Essentials to Avira to do a test and then switched back. Somewhere after that process, I discovered that Windows Mail would not work. Each time I launched it an error message indicated it could not find wldcore.dll. The articles I found in search were old. They also referred to a common shared folder c:\Program Files\Windows Live\Shared. Unfortunately, this folder did not exist on my Windows 7 installation. The fix: Do a repair of Windows mail. I went into Control Panel and initiated an uninstall and told Windows Essentials 2012 to repair only Windows Mail. Voila! Worked like a charm. Up and running again. I finally found an article that dealt with this issue. - Howard Sobel More info .

 AppleOutlookDAVConfig is crashing Outlook Calendar
After wasting considerable time using Google to research why AppleOutlookDAVConfig was crashing my Outlook calendar I was able to quickly come up with a search result high up on the list that was actually solved the problem. Interesting that it was in the Bing Search Engine! This problem has been around for years and is related to iCloud synchronization with repeating events in syncing the Outlook calendar. I found a large amount of similar messages on the Apple discussion boards as well. More info on fixing this issue.

 Microsoft to Provide Malware Support for XP until July 2015
Good news for Windows XP users. Microsoft reversed its decision to terminate support for Security Essentials. You will now be able to get "malware" updates until July 2014. This is not the first time Microsoft has reversed some of its end of life decisions for XP but XP is like a cat with nine lives. With millions of users still using XP turning off malware support would not have been a wise thing for secure computing. However, there are a lot of third party malware/anti virus choices that support XP. So really this is not such a big deal. - Howard Sobel List of XP compatible AV/Malware products .
 Scam Alert - The Great Fake Computer Tech Call Scam
If you get a call from a "tech support agent" asking you if you are aware that your computer or server has serious errors DO NOT LET THEM TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR COMPUTER. They will urge you to let them take over control so they can fix the problem. This is a known scam. The caller ID was spoofed so if you call 212) 777-3456. you'll get "MoviePhone." Be cautious. Don't hand over your password and never let someone you don't know or trust take over your computer. There are some legitimate companies using remote tech but these are initiated by YOU calling their tech support line when you are seeking support for say your cable connection.
 Unethical Software Monetization Methods Are Driving Users Nuts
Freeware has always been a benefit for users and developers. Developers were happy to provide freeware to users for the opportunity of selling their more powerful versions. Consumers love to get “free software apps” that provide value (not cripple ware). Things have changed. The new monetization tool for software publishers is either including a toolbar or installing other applications with their download. They key to defining where unethical boundaries are crossed are in the disclosure process to the user. - Howard Sobel Pre-order Windows 8.1 .
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Find the latest and greatest independent shareware picks and other popular downloads from Microsoft on Microsoft's Exploring Windows newsletter archive Microsoft/WUGNET Shareware Pick Archive..

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