Advertise with WUGNET

WUGNET provides top-tier software and technology companies with the opportunity to present their products and brands to a worldwide audience of consumers with known buying habits, as well as IS/IT professionals and small business owners. Our advertising focus is designed to benefit the advertiser by providing meaningful and relevant placements that maximize their marketing dollars.

What We Provide
WUGNET provides our advertising clients a complete Ad-Serving solution including tracking and analysis. Campaign performance is monitored daily and online access to these reports is provided to each client. We work with each client to develop a complete marketing solution that outlines criteria targeting and performance metrices. The result of a focused relationship with our advertisers is a strong return on investment for their advertising expenditures with WUGNET.

Banner Specifications

Max File Size
  160 x 600 18k
  728 x 90 18k

Standard Creative
  GIF Animation: Optional
  GIF 87/89a Looping: Limited or Unlimited

Rich Media

Creative Limits
WUGNET will accept a maximum of three banners and unique URLs per placement. We will work with advertisers to develop creatives that generate strong user response, but can not accept creatives that mimic WUGNET or Microsoft content or design in any form.

Testing the Water
While we understand from your perspective you'd like to test the water before committing to large advertising campaigns, please understand we can't tie up our servable impressions with multiple test campaigns. This is not fair to our full scale advertisers and causes us unnecessary overhead. Additionally, it's our firm belief that a small test campaign is next to useless in determining true CTRs as seen on longer campaigns. If you must do a test, the minimum impressions are 250,000 at a flat rate of $3000 paid in advance.

Submitting Creatives
All creatives and linking URLs should be submitted directly to eMediaInsider. WUGNET requires a minimum of one business day lead time for testing and implementation of creatives.

To discuss advertising opportunities on or our forums at, please email Howard Sobel directly.