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WUGNET is pleased to pioneer a completely new concept in digital reading…shareware eBooks! In partnership with our technology partner, DNAML (, creators of the DNL Reader, being able to try an eBook out for a test drive has become a reality. Before, you had to guess whether you might like an eBook, and then after you purchased it, you were stuck owning it.

These first few books are only the start…we have partnered also with Wiley Publishing to bring you many select titles from their world famous Dummies series, and we have a growing list of authors now wanting to put their books into our digital shareware eBook format.

Unfortunately, in the field of Web sites, that’s an unfulfilled dream. Having a Web site does not automatically guarantee having traffic, even if you register the site with appropriate search engines. Whether you’re an e-tailer who wants customers, a business that wants clients, or an organization that wants to get your message out, Search Engine Optimization For Dummies explains the rules of the game with information on:
  • Spiders—not the yucky kind, but the software that grabs Web pages, and then,,reads and indexes the information
  • Search indexes or engines, search directories, non-spidered indexes, and pay-per-click systems
  • The eight search systems you really need to impress and how to get your pages into them
  • Keywords and how to choose them strategically and use them often
  • Submitting to the directories, including the biggies (Yahoo! Directory and the Open Director Project) and second-tier directories
  • Using shopping directories for e-commerce sites, complete with a list of nine popular ones and CPCs (cost per click) for various types of merchandise on various sites
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Many recordings have never been re-released on CD. Protect the life of the original recordings by importing them to your computer and burning them to CD. Discover tested techniques for converting records and cassettes when you order this comprehensive resource. Learn how to connect a cassette deck or record player to your computer.
  • Find the best audio settings for recording.
  • Produce great sounding recordings with Adobe Audition, Cakewalk Pyro 2003, Sound Forge, Cool Edit 2000, Plus! Analog Recorder, and Audacity.
  • Enhance recordings with Noise Reduction to make them sound as good or better than the original.
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