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WUGNET's WugBytes daily newsletter is a valuable tool for internet professionals who rely on the daily service to keep abreast of the constantly-moving, ever-changing Internet/e-commerce market. Start your day with a cup of fresh brewed coffee and a copy of WUG*BYTES. You'll come to rely on this newsetter as a serious business tool that helps you track deals, mergers and acquisitions; monitor shifts in e-business trends (as reported by the latest studies and surveys) and find out what industry analysts are saying and thinking. WugBytes is sent in plain text and arrives each day in time for your morning coffee. Also a must read for the serious internet investor.

Computing Insider
For years, CompuServe has hosted the largest and most comprehensive one-stop shop for support, information, files, and news on every aspect of computing. Hardware, software, peripherals, and more. The weekly Computing Insider, authored by WUGNET, provides you with the latest pointers on what's happening on computing forums ranging from vendor support forums covering Dell, Gateway, Compaq, to the full array of support for all Microsoft operating systems, OS/2, Macintosh, and even Linux! Each issue of Computing Insider provides you with the weekly live events, forum discussion topics, editorial features, top downloads, exclusive tips, and special deals.

Shareware Pick of the Week (SPOW) Alert
Each week you will receive our latest SPOW Alert, announcing the Microsoft & WUGNET Shareware Pick of the Week for Windows XP/2000/NT/Me/98. The SPOW Alert will also include announcements of updates and news regarding previous SPOWs that you may have already downloaded. As a subscriber to SPOW Aert, we'll keep you informed of the latest updates to the Windows Users Group Network (WUGNET) website, including our Computing Tips and much more.

EZComputing is our weekly newsletter of computing tips that range in applicability from the novice (first-time PC user) to the advanced power-user trying to squeeze every last resource out of their hardware and software. EZComputing includes approximately five detailed, well-written tips from WUGNET, the same folks who've been providing expert PC and computing advice, help, and tips on CompuServe, in books and newsletters, and the internet since 1990.

Windows Entertainment Forum News
Get the weekly Windows Entertainment Forum letter from CompuServe's forum for after hours computing fun. Each issue announces the weekly selections of games, screensavers, themes, multimedia tools, audio clips, wallpaper, desktop enhancements and tools. Subscribers will also get exclusive advice and tips on how to keep your desktop optimized for after hour computing! Featured discussions and how-to exchanges between forum members and the online staff of experts!

WUGNET occasionally informs our community members of special events, activities, special deals, new products, or other offers we believe you will find interesting. If you do not wish to receive such mailings simply uncheck this box.

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