WUGNET Privacy Statement

WUGNET Publications Inc. is the owner and operator of wugnet.com. Our site is advertiser supported to bring you free content. For this reason, WUGNET (as do many other sites) tracks user traffic patterns generally throughout the site. This helps us to better understand what pages our site visitors are viewing most while on our site so we can continue to improve our site content. WUGNET also furnishes our advertisers with some of this broad demographic data. This information is essential to advertisers and is important so that we can keep our content free.

It is our policy not to sell, or share the names, addresses or private contact information of any of our customers with third parties. If you have questions about how one of our advertisers uses information about you when you click their ad and go to their content, please contact them directly or visit their web sites for more information.

From time to time, WUGNET may send mailings about our product news to our customers. We only send regular, ongoing mailings to customers, or visitors, who have indicated their preference that they would like us to continue to communicate with them. WUGNET offers interesting and free content in several newsletters. These newsletters offer convenient methods to subscribe or unsubscribe (Opt In-Opt Out) from our newsletter mailings. (Click here for a list of all our newsletters.)

Shopping on WUGNET is a currently a service offered by a third party business and commerce partner "Digital River." Digital River is a trusted brand in Cyberspace and all e-commerce transactions conducted through this service are conducted through industry-accepted secure methods. For more information about how security is maintained click here.

Use of Cookies
Cookies are very common on the internet. They are small, inoccuous text files that websites use to remember certain information, or preferences, that you provide. This information is saved on "your" computerís hard drive as a unique id that identifies your browser (not you) when you visit a site that uses cookies. A cookie file can contain information that is useful to site operators for a variety of reasons that serve both the customer and visitor. It may store items like your user ID or other personal information that you supply. A cookie can not read data on your hard disk or read information in cookie files created by other sites. Cookies can be turned off in your browser, but doing so may limit your ability to participate in certain activities provided by a site.

To learn more about cookies click on one of the following links:
Internet Explorer users click here.
Netscape users click here.

Cookies are commonly used in online shopping baskets. Patrons of our shopping services presented by Digital River will be presented with a single cookie. Digital Riverís cookies are used only to identify the customer, not to identify any specific customer traits. This allows them to maintain consistency in the shopping basket and enable a more pleasant shopping experience. Click here for the Digital River Privacy Statement.

The WUGNET site also offers links to our additional sites (Forums) which are hosted by our business partner CompuServe Interactive Service, a subsidiary of AOL. For a complete list of our Forums click here.

Please note that when you are using our CompuServe Forums you are also responsible for adhering to the Terms of Service and or other rules as may be determined by CompuServe. Visitors to our CompuServe sites should read the Privacy policy and terms of service on those respective pages. From time to time we may also link to other sites. WUGNET recommends that visitors check the Terms of Service or privacy policies of linked sites.

WUGNET may make available to site visitors a way to voluntarily register with this site for a better visitor experience or to sign up for products, services or improved personalization features. We will update our privacy policy about the nature of the information we track before making those services generally available.

Access to your Newsletter Subscription information (Updating your email address)
WUGNET maintains your email address and name in a Lyris or server. The information contained in these databases are the names and email addresses of the subscribers to our newsletter mailing lists. If you have given us an incorrect address your probably not receiving our mailings but if you wish to change this information WUGNET provides direct access to update our mailing list databases. You can communicate with the mailing list server directly by following the subscribe or unsubscribe instructions found in all of our opt-in newsletters. If you change your mailing address you can always update your information by unsubscribing your old email address and re-joining the list with your new email address.

Who Should You Contact?
If you have questions about our privacy policy please send them to privacy@wugnet.com