The Microsoft & WUGNET Shareware Pick of the Week for Windows
Each week Microsoft(R) and WUGNET(R) feature a Windows(R) shareware application demonstrating the very highest programming standards possible. Each new application selected for this award is exhaustively reviewed and less than five percent make the cut. It is our intent to showcase only the very "best-of-the-best" applications. New applications must work with Windows Vista and Windows 7, but many of our past selections also work with prior versions of Windows.
FontCreator 7 by High-Logic B.V.

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FontCreator is a powerful Windows application that makes it easy for typographers and graphic artists to create fonts, redesign existing characters, and edit font set spacing. Unlike simple character-drawing programs, FontCreator lets you view all of the characters in each font, add missing characters, modify any character's appearance, import a scanned signature or logo and turn it into a character, fix character codepoints, adjust kerning pairs, and modify font names.

Common OpenType layout features, such as ligatures, fractions, and small caps, are automatically added to your fonts. FontCreator comes with an advanced OpenType layout feature editor which compiles user-defined features to a font.

FontCreator 7 supports the Web Open Font Format (WOFF) that W3C recommended in December of 2012, and which most major web browsers are scrambling to support. WOFF compresses and wraps TrueType, OpenType, and Open Font Format fonts, and allows designers to embed these fonts in their web pages. FontCreator is the first font editor to support the new scalable color fonts extension. This new feature allows you to create multi-colored glyphs for systems that support it, while maintaining backwards compatibility for systems that do not.

  • Create and edit TrueType and OpenType fonts and Web Open Font Format (WOFF) fonts
  • Create and edit scalable color fonts
  • Import vector files (EPS, AI, PDF, etc) and bitmap images (BMP, GIF, PNG, etc)
  • Add OpenType Layout Features
  • Fix character mappings and correct fonts that display incorrectly
  • Generate, modify, import, export, and clean up kerning pairs
  • Add or correct over two thousand composite glyphs
  • Transform individual glyphs or an entire font (e.g. to make a bold version)
  • Extract TrueType fonts from TrueType Collections
  • Unicode support (including the private use area and supplementary planes)
  • Preview fonts before installing
  • Install fonts in Windows

Download Download FontCreator 7 - Download Fontcreator 7 (9MB) Buy Now Buy Fontcreator 7