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Jabra Stealth Bluetooth Headset –Delivers Xtreme Comfort, Sound, and Design
I have a pile of Bluetooth devices but recently received the Jabra Stealth to review. The first thing I noticed about the Jabra Stealth is its unique design and surprisingly light weight. This is achieved through the use of what Jabra calls MicroPOWER battery technology which they attribute to its extremely light weight, longer talk time, and increased comfort. I assume this is another word for a small but powerful battery. In the technology industry trademarked descriptions are always a marketing plus. So I put it on. This is the most comfortable Bluetooth headset I’ve ever worn.

The Jabra Stealth was impressive in all areas. Light weight and comfortable you’ll forget it’s on your ear. It comes with 3 ear gels as well as two ear hooks. I normally have to try on each ear gel that comes with Bluetooth headsets to find the right size and sometimes none of them work well for me. Not so with the Jabra ear gels. I immediately got a great fit. That was a bonus.

Design Simplicity

The Jabra lacks a volume button but I didn’t find that to be a problem in every day usage scenario. There are just three buttons. On/off switch, the Answer/end bar on well-designed metallic looking micro boom, and the voice button easily located on the inside of the body of Jabra microphone. I find that I’m always fumbling around looking for the volume control on my headset. This is not only a pain but also a distraction while driving. Since the Jabra Stealth doesn’t have one, its buttons are a snap to locate. In this case it’s a feature not a design flaw. Sometimes less is more.

Simple “Stupid” Set Up

The setup process took me less than two minutes. The device can be paired through traditional Bluetooth pairing by just pressing the Answer/end switch which provides voice guided instructions. If your mobile device supports NFC you have that option as well. The Answer/end button also supports native device voice control like many other devices giving you access to Google/Now or Siri. The only problem I encountered was a small detour figuring out how to open the micro USB tab. They should ad an additional graphic showing exactly how to open it. It also only comes with a micro USB to USB connector. No plug in device. I think they should through in the full recharge adapter considering the pricing. Although I used another micro USB adapter to charge it and worked just fine.


You can download the Jabra Assist apps for the Stealth on both Android Play and Itunes App Store. The app has some great features. Here’s the description from the Android store.

  • Find my Jabra (for Jabra Classic, Jabra Mini, Jabra Stealth, Jabra Storm and Jabra Style). Each time the headset is in use the position is geo tagged. If the headset gets misplaced, you can see on the map on your smartphone where it has been used last time making it easy to find the headset again. The application can even show the easiest route back to your headset. Furthermore if the headset is lost but still in range, you can activate a sound in the headset, making it easier to find again.

  • Find my Car (for Jabra Freeway, Jabra Drive, Jabra Streamer and Jabra Tour). Each time you leave your car, its position is geo tagged. You can see your current location and where you left the car at any time on the phones build in map. The application can even show the easiest route back to your car. The application also lets you take a picture of the surroundings when leaving the car, making it even easier to relocate your car.

  • Responsible Driving (for Jabra Freeway, Jabra Drive, Jabra Streamer and Jabra Tour) Jabra Assist provides a new feature set to respond to the increasing focus on responsible driving, avoiding accidents when using your smartphone while driving. When you connect to a Jabra Freeway, Jabra Drive or Jabra Tour speakerphone or Jabra Streamer controller, your smartphone will switch into safety mode. An incoming message will be automatically replied stating that you are in the car driving and will return later.

  • Battery meter (for Jabra Classic, Jabra Mini, Jabra Stealth, Jabra Storm and Jabra Style). The battery meter gives you a simple visual indication of the remaining battery time on your Jabra device. It will give you a warning when the level reaches 50%, 25% and 10% of the remaining talk time. Pairing guide. The automated pairing guide will guide you through the pairing session in an easy step-by-step process.

  • Animated guide. The guide gives you an easy to understand introduction to the key features of the Jabra Assist smartphone application.

  • User manual. Need to check the user manual? No worries; as you now have access to the full user manual from within the application.

    Enjoy all these great features and more when you download the Jabra Assist app. Note that Jabra Assist application only works in conjunction with the Jabra Classic, Jabra Mini, Jabra Stealth, Jabra Storm, Jabra Style, Jabra Freeway, Jabra Drive, Jabra Streamer and Jabra Tour products.


    Android Google Play:

    Sound Quality – The Jabra does a great job filtering out background noise. I would rate it equal to or better than Plantronics, Jawbone, or Blue Ant.

    Pro: Exceptional comfort, nice design, long battery life, good sound and Noise Blackout

    Con: No Volume Control… USB plug a little hard to open without directions.

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